ArWest presents AW400BT with GSM

It is our pleasure to present AW400BT with GSM, a new sophisticated and advanced UHF 4 W transceiver equipped with USB, Bluetooth wireless technology and built-in quad band GSM/GPRS module.
AW400BT with GSM accesses VRS network via GPRS, takes incoming data from the network, modulates it with GMSK, FSK, PSK or most spectrum efficient QAM modulation and transmits it at RF power output levels from 15 dBm up to 36 dBm operating in UHF frequency band (406 to 470 MHz). The data taken from VRS network can be routed to the UART, USB or Bluetooth communication ports as well. AW400BT is also capable of receiving RF signal from remote UHF transmitter or data from communication ports (UART, USB or Bluetooth) and sending it over the cellular network using built-in GSM/GPRS module if such operation mode is selected.