AW200BT with GSM: 4 W VHF Transceiver


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AW200BT with GSM

General Radio Specifications:

Parameter Specification
Operating Frequency Range 215 – 255 MHz
Modulation Technique GMSK/4FSK/DBPSK/DQPSK/D8PSK/D16QAM
Media Access Control Protocols Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Time Division Multiplex Access (TDMA)
Maximum Distance Range 16 miles / 26 km
Occupied Bandwidth 25/12.5/6.25 kHz
Data Rate
(25/20/12.5/6.25 kHz Channel Spacing)
9600/7500/4800/2400 bps - DBPSK/GMSK
19200/15000/9600/4800 bps - DQPSK/4FSK
28800/22500/14400/7200 bps - D8PSK
38400/30000/19200/9600 bps - D16QAM
End to End delay 60 ms
Serial port Serial (RS-232) up to 115200 bps.
Serial port configurable as RS-232,
RS-422 or RS-485
USB USB 2.0 device port
Bluetooth Bluetooth V2.0 Class 2 supporting SPP Slave and Master Profiles
Bluetooth Antenna Embedded
GSM/GPRS Module Internal GSM/GPRS quad-band module, GPRS Class 10
GSM/GPRS Antenna External, SMA