AW135BT: 35 W VHF Transceiver


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General Radio Specifications:

Parameter Specification
Operating Frequency Range 138 - 174 MHz (EU)
150 - 174 MHz (USA)
138 - 144; 148-174 MHz (Canada)
Output Power 35 W
Channel Spacing 25/12.5/6.25 kHz (USA, Canada)
25/20/12.5 kHz (EU)
Data Rate (25/20/12.5/6.25 kHz Channel Spacing) 9600/7500/4800/2400 bps – DBPSK/GMSK
19200/15000/9600/4800 bps – DQPSK/4FSK
28800/22500/14400/7200 bps – D8PSK
38400/30000/19200/9600 bps – D16QAM
Modulation Technique DBPSK/GMSK/DQPSK/4FSK/D8PSK/D16QAM
Supported User Interfaces RS232 (current)
Supported Comms. Protocols Transparent, SPP and MODBUS
Communication Mode Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Time Division Multiplex Access (TDMA)
Maximum Distance Range 48 miles / 77 km
System Gain for DBPSK modulation
(Antenna gain is not included)
161 dB (for 25 kHz Channel Spacing)
163 dB (for 12.5 kHz Channel Spacing)
164 dB (for 6.25 kHz Channel Spacing)
End to End delay 60 ms
Serial port Serial (RS-232) up to 115200 bps.
Serial port configurable as RS-232 and
RS-422, or RS-485
USB USB 2.0 device port (12 Mbps)
Bluetooth Bluetooth V2.0 Class 2 supporting SPP Slave and Master Profiles
Bluetooth Antenna External