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Data Sheet

UHFSSRx tri-band radio receiving only module is an universal radio operating in the UHF 406-470 MHz licensed and 868 – 870 MHz European CEPT license free bands, allocated for narrow band telemetry, alarms and data transfer applications like broadcasting of GNSS RTCM corrections; 902-928 MHz USA and 915-928 MHz Australian ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) license free bands. In that way UHFSSRx communicates with any of broad range of JAVAD transmitters. The UHFSSRx is developed for exacting customer needs for excellent reliability in noisy plant environments and to have pin-to-pin compatibility with other JAVAD OEM radios like AW400Tx, L-Band/Beacon receiver, and AW100Tx.

General Radio Specifications

Input Voltage: 3.6 V ± 5 %
Power Consumption (average): 1 W- receive mode
Operation Temperature: -40°C ... +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ... +80°C
Dimensions: L: 80 mm x W: 46.5 mm x H: 7.6/9.5 mm
Weight: 43 g


DSP-Modem Zero-IF Technologies
406-470 MHz
902-928 MHz (USA); 915-928 MHz (Australia);
868-870 MHz (EU) with 25/20/12.5 kHz CS
Up to 115200 bps Serial Interface Data Rate
Embedded Firmware Compensation for Operation at Extremely low andhigh temperatures
Compact Design