AW400SRx: UHF OEM Receiver


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Data Sheet

DSP based OEM Radio Ultra Small (44x42 mm) receiver with Built-in wireless link Monitoring and Management Tools:

• Data Speed over the air 38400 bps at 25 kHz and 19200 bps at 12.5 kHz
• Advanced Forward Error Correction (FEC)
• UART serial interface with RTS/CTS flow control support
• Data Speed over the serial port 9600 to 115200 bps
• Testing, monitoring and control of the unit over the air
• AlphaWave SuperScan® - automatic search and select for best frequency/channel

The AW400SRx radio receiver provides a high-speed wireless data transfer at up to 38.4 kbps. Receiver supports user selectable modulation techniques (GMSK, 4FSK, DBPSK, DQPSK, D8PSK, or D16QAM), which allows the user to achieve the highest data speed for a given range. It also includes a selectable error correction, which improves the functioning of the radio link under interference.
AW400SRx can receive data from ArWest, Pacific Crest, and Satel transmitters. The unmatched features of radio include data scrambling, frequency hopping and low power consumption sleep modes.
AW400SRx supports two separate Application Data and Command modes of single UART serial port.
The built-in software tools provide the wireless link testing, units’ status and error statistics monitoring as well as units’ settings change over the air. The firmware of the AW400SRx radio modem resides in a flash memory. The updating of the radio modem programs is entirely software-based. The flash memory is re-programmable through an UART interface or over the air.