UHF Radio (Ultra High Frequency)

ArWest Communications offers the different variants of UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio modems to satisfy different needs of customers. The radio modems are indispensable when all other forms of communication are un-usable (Ethernet, Internet, GSM, etc.) The main advantage of UHF transmission is the physically short wave that is produced by the high frequency. The wider frequency range and short waves allows enjoying the UHF many operators at once. High power (up to 35 W) ArWest modems can be used as base stations with the up to 65 miles/77 km operation range in different communication applications. The low power radios and OEM boards (1 W and up to 4 W) light and mobile can operate as rovers and repeaters, and be embedded in the different devices. The compatibility with Trimble and Satel protocols allows using ArWest modems in existing networks. Easy and intuitive free software makes the radio configuration process simple and handy.

A license from the FCC must be obtained and coverage is limited to special geographical boundaries. The regulation, licensing, and governing of the radio transmission spectrum varies from country to country. Many countries, for various purposes, provide license-free radio data transmission spectrums. Check with the spectrum management authority in your country for license-free data transmission regulations.

The following is our selection of UHF band radios: