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AWLaunch 1.0 Rev.74 B4
Updated December 20, 2013

AWLaunch Software Manual
Updated April 28, 2009

Software License Agreement

AWLaunch is a MS Windows® based software program designed for configuring and maintaining ArWest UHF and VHF radio systems. AWLaunch is a user-friendly software application that provides complete and powerful tools for radio monitoring and diagnostics. It also provides software image and configuration downloading. The statistics from the monitoring can be viewed in text or graphical format. With the support of ArWest radios’ real-time software, AWLaunch architecture makes it possible to maintain all wireless network radio configuration by connecting to only one unit.

AWLaunch is intended to manage the ArWest radio modems, it provides dialog boxes to change and configure all radio options.

The following unit’s settings are configurable through AWLaunch:

  • Data port parameters (Line parameters);
  • Wireless transfer parameters;
  • Radio parameters (TX/RX etc.)

In addition to the individual option-tuning feature, AWLaunch provides compound options for downloading feature. The downloading process uses X-Modem protocol that both the unit and the PC program are supporting. The manufacturing will provide configuration in shipping packages so every user can configure each unit with default parameters provided by vendor.

AWLaunch works directly with a Command Line Interface (CLI), without a GUI, by entering CLI commands in a Terminal window.



ModemVU v. 2.1.54
Updated August 1, 2012

ModemVU Software Manual

Software License Agreement


ModemVU is an application for controlling and configuring AW401BT, AW900BT, FM915 OEM radio, JLink Lite, and JLink GSM. ModemVU provides the following functions:

  • Connecting a PC to a radio modem via a serial port or Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • Displaying information about the radio modems.
  • Programming different radio modem's settings.
  • Loading the new firmware version into modem.