JLink MPU: Wireless network access point

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JLink MPU is a high performance, highly integrated, compact, low power consumption and low cost System-on-Module. It provides an ideal building block that easily integrates with a wide range of target markets, such as industrial control and other applications requiring reach connectivity features as well as high-processing power. Jlink MPU module is designed for industrial use and makes your market advancement more simple and fast. The module can be used in extremely low and high temperatures in a wide spectrum of Network applications.
This OEM module is designed for local Bluetooth/WiFi networks and has the ability to connect an external 4G/3G cellular modem (via USB). The module has a high-performance processor which allows implementing sophisticated network applications based on the Linux OS. The wide range of interfaces (Ethernet, USB Device and Host, UARTs, I2C) allows you to connect to the JLink MPU all kinds of sensors.