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JLink LAN is a mobile multifunctional device designed for communication between GNSS receivers and other devices in the field. JLink LAN allows organizing a local network between different devices via WiFi or Ethernet, connecting to the Internet?using LTE / UMTS (WCDMA) / HSDPA / EDGE / GPRS (or 4G/3G/2.5G) channel. This allows transferring the corrections between GNSS base and GNSS rovers via TCP/IP protocol, and also providing remote configuration and monitoring of GNSS receivers.
JLink LAN allows the GNSS rover capturing of RTK quality data points where cell phone cover is poor. It provides a robust solution linking the field GNSS equipment to VRS network, where no cell phone cover is available. Jlink LAN enables to surveyors to capture data points up to 13 km from where the nearest cell phone coverage is available. JLink contains 1 W UHF (VHF) Radio Transceiver that takes incoming data from the network, modulates it with GMSK, FSK, PSK or most spectrum efficient QAM modulation and transmits it at RF power output levels from 10dBm up to 30 dBm operating in UHF frequency band (406 to 470 MHz), or in VHF frequency band (138-174 MHz) optional.
Embedded GPS L1 functionality allows using JLink LAN as standalone wireless network RTK field access point.
JLink LAN can be configured and supported using web-interface through Internet, and this makes the setup mechanism simple and accessible from anywhere in the world.