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The new JAVAD High Speed Radio (HSR) utilizes unique Software-defined radio (SDR) architecture running on the powerful Xilinx System-on-a-Chip ZYNQ module in the conjunction with the high performance, highly integrated RF Agile Transceiver AD9361 from Analog Devices.
The HSR utilizes Single-Input and Multiple-Output (SIMO) technique, which improves the quality and reliability of a wireless link and makes HSR especially effective in operating at multipath situations in urban and indoor environments.

General High Speed Radio Specifications

Operating Center Frequency Range: 2.405 GHz - 2.495 GHz
Modulation Technique: OFDM QAM4
Media Access Control Protocols: Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Supported User Interfaces: Device Mode USB 2.0 HS
Supported Comms. Protocols: Transparent
Maximum Distance Range: 1.5 miles
Occupied Bandwidth: 10 MHz
Data Rate: 10MHz 256 subcarr
OFDM QAM4 Up to 7.1 Mbit/sec
System Gain (Antenna not incl.) 89dB
Carrier Frequency Stability: ±1 ppm
Communication Mode: TX, RX, TDD MASTER, TDD SLAVE
Receiver Sensitivity (BER 1x 10-4): -91 dBm
Receiver Dynamic Range: -91 to -30 dBm


Input Voltage: +4.75V … +5.25V (3A max)
Power Consumption (average):
14.5 W - transmit with 100% duty cycle (1 W TPO)
4.5 W - receive mode
Operation Temperature: -40o C ... +60o C
Storage Temperature: -400 C ... +80o C
Dimensions: L: 90.2 mm x W: 55.5 mm x H: 7.0/8.0 mm
Weight: 50 g