ArWest Standard Warranty

Select the type of antenna that best fits your application and the one that offers the highest dB gain. In addition, setup your system in the highest possible location to minimize obstacles between the transmitting and receiving systems. Always place the antenna on the highest point available. At a minimum, set the antenna to at least ten feet above the terrain using an antenna mast.
Some antennas intended to be attached to the pole mount adapter are designed to be operated with a ground plane and some without it. Antennas operating without ground plane marked in our catalog as NGP.
Antennas designed to be operated with ground plane provide better gain, but to achieve the best performance of your antenna, add a Ground Plane Disk to the bottom of the antenna for a ground plane. UHF antenna Ground Plane disk improves VSWR and as result increase RF power delivered from transmitter to antenna and system distance range.

The radio will only perform as well as the antenna and cable connected to it.

WARNING: To avoid the equipment serious damage, do not switch the radio to transmit mode if RF antenna is not connected!