Utilities / Electric Grid Distribution

AW100 / AW200 / AW400 / AW901

Within the "Utilities" Industry community, automation and profitability are dependent upon the reliability of the wireless data network that is used to monitor and control both the processing and delivery of the product.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology is a vital component within Power Generation and Distribution processes. The data systems employed enable work crews to be dispatched quickly to any problem area - the use of mobile and fixed data solutions are driving the development of cost-effective communications operations of today and tomorrow.

The use of ArWest hardware and software enables the right information to always be on hand, provided dedicated industry-specific solutions without using expensive leased lines.

ArWest utilizes the latest technologies to ensure agility, accuracy and flexibility. The systems are self-cecking, use advanced error correction techniques, can select the best modulation technique for the conditions, connect and be managed via the Internet.