Public Safety

AW100 / AW200 / AW400 / AW901

Dispatchers, Police Officers, Emergency Services personnel, Armed Forces - all of these organizations must have reliable wireless data systems as and when they need them. Their own lives and those of the citizens they have sworn to protect are otherwise at risk.

Dependence on Public wireless data networks, which are subject to congestion, slowness and downtimes during emergencies, will put peoples lives at risk. ArWest can provide mission-critical systems dedicated to EMS to ensure that communications tasks such as Computer Aided Dispatch, Vehicle Look-Up, incident reporting, etc receive the priority they demand.

Instantaneous reporting and display of EMS vehicles installed with GPS will enable a dispatcher to keep control of critical systems in a crisis, slower communications systems may well report positions incorrectly.

ArWest systems are designed using state-of-the art solutions and designed with capability to accommodate advances in technology as they develop. Most importantly these advances can be installed remotely without the EMS systems having to return to a central location.