Oil & Gas

AW100 / AW200 / AW400 / AW901

Whether the requirement be exploration, production or distribution wireless data impacts all aspects of the Operation. Making sure that system interruptions are minimized to avoid the costs associated with operational downtime.

In any decision-making process wireless data communications will be critical - the solution must be both reliable and cost-effective.

The advanced techniques used by ArWest will ensure reliable and robust solutions. The use of Digital Signal Processing - plus multiple modulation techniques enable the optimum communication methodology to be used. All of ArWest systems can be managed, monitored and modified through the Internet ensuring that the most cost-effective system is always at hand. Remote sites can not only be monitored but the monitoring system itself can be both evaluated and updated whenever necessary.

ArWest communication systems are designed to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies (FCC and ETSI) in terms of Channel Spacing and Power of transmission while at the same time providing monitoring of mission critical procedures.