Remote Environmental Monitoring

AW100 / AW200 / AW400 / AW901

There is a plethora of parameters that need to be monitored and evaluated real-time; from the mundane such as 'air temperature' to the more esoteric such as 'biological warfare' agents.

Our environment is continuously under attack from both natural and man made hazards.

"Property Measurements" such as metrology, remote sensing, atmospheric, geophysical medical can be, and are, monitored continuously.

"Nuclear Radiation" whether from site contamination by industry or by Terrorist action can be remotely monitored. "Physical Property" sensors can be deployed to measure temperature, humidity, and other atmospheric conditions; they can also be used to determine the presence of contraband, and CW weapons identification. "Chemical and Biological" parameter for environmental characterization, workplace safety, chemical process and National Security implications are also vital.

At the core of these remote measurements will be a reliable wireless data network capable of providing data to analysts real-time. This will enable remedial action to be immediately initiated. ArWest narrow band radios operating from 50 MHz to 800 MHz can provide this infrastructure with the analysis immediately available to the relevant regulatory bodies using Internet protocols.