AW100 / AW200 / AW400 / AW901

Battlefield Management is the modern term for the thousands-of-years-old practice of controlling men and weapons on the battlefield-what used to be called "command and control." It is an especially important today because the interaction of technology and national security policy has led to an exceptionally complex real-time control problem on the battlefield. It is fundamentally a systems problem-spanning the domains of computer science, operations research, aerospace engineering, and communications engineering.

Battlefield management is becoming more sophisticated, so to get best use of available resources, a risk management approach becomes increasingly important. So battlefield commanders can make quick decisions about transport management and use, they are going to require vital information so that they can make informed judgment about how and when to deploy vehicles, tanks, troops, helicopters etc.

We can provide Transmit/Receive, Receive only radios with high levels of encryption (encryption to meet military requirements) for the 50 MHz to 800 MHz range. These would all have our AWSS technology to ensure maximum signal availability.