Inventory / Asset Management

AW100 / AW200 / AW400 / AW901

Asset: an item of value owned, the items on a balance sheet showing the book value of property owned.

Whatever the item if it has value it is an Asset and as such the location and condition of that asset needs to be known. The details of location and condition can be evaluated if the unit is not moving - this is the basis of a Geographical Information System (GIS). For mobile assets, such as vehicles, goods in transit and even people, a wireless network becomes vital in the management of that asset. Questions can be asked - is the asset in the right place? When will the asset arrive at the prescribed location? Has the asset been tampered with?

ArWest narrow band radios are ideally suited for that purpose - the use of advanced modulation techniques and forward error correction algorithms ensure that reliable data is both transmitted and received. The provisions of TCPIP and SNMP provide for seamless interface to a GIS for display and monitoring of that asset.

The asset may also be a structure (a tall building or a dam) or simply a piece of land (unstable slope or an environmentally fragile reserve) The structure can be continually monitored remotely - by the use of tilt sensors or GPS, the reserve can be continually monitored by environmental sensors.