The ArWest modems can be used in a multitude of applications in markets that affect our every day life.

  • Security applications involving the Emergency Services and the Military can extend from simple real-time surveillance to Battlefield Management;
  • Asset, or Inventory Management involves real-time systems, whether this be simple real-time stock quantities on the shelf/in-stock at a Supermarket to the location, position and status of a vulnerable structure (building, dam, bridge or graded slope)
  • Remote control and reporting within the Utilities Industry, Oil & Gas, Water and Remote Environmental Monitoring manage our essential industries;
  • Transportation Infrastructure is managed and supported by real time data transmission and acquisition;
  • The Agricultural industry utilizes real-time systems to monitor and report planting/harvesting, etc - even the actual control of the equipment can be managed by real-time communication systems linked to position determination systems;
  • Satellite Navigation Systems use ground based real-time systems to improve the accuracy of these systems from the few meters level down to millimeters.